Thursday, October 20, 2011

Trying My Hand at Something New


You may have noticed that I don't like to use just one method of creating jewelry.  I am always eager to learn something new, so for the upcoming holiday season I decided to add some glam and sparkle to my collection by trying my hand at beading with crystals and seed beads.  I have always admired the intricate work I have seen from my fellow jewelry artists, but after taking a stab at this myself I have a newly found respect and admiration for them!  This stuff is not easy!  My first projects was weaving Swarovski crystals into three dimensional balls and hearts.  I purchased the puffy heart tutorial from Anne Made Jewelry on Etsy, and thanks to her amazing instructions and photos, this project was a lot of fun.  The tutorial for the ball came from Areva on Etsy and was originally a cell phone charm, but I turned them into earrings and used bronze colored beads instead of crystals.

 Swarovski Heart in Topaz Ombre
Bronze Drop Earrings

My next project was much more complicated as I didn't have a tutorial.  I was able to find a few tips and what not on the internet that helped with the general idea though.  This is an amethyst Swarovski Rivoli in a bezel of gold colored seed beads and delicas using peyote stitch.  Yes, only one earring has been made!  I love learning new techniques for jewelry making.  It keeps me from getting burned out with metal smithing and allows me to create for much broader clientele.  Now I must go and make the other earring........

Amethyst Sawrovski Earring


  1. Beautiful work, Heidi!

    Good for you for venturing outside your comfort zone and learning new techniques. Sometimes we get stuck in a rut - you are definitely not stuck in a rut!

  2. Beautiful Heidi. Ditto to what Dawn said about learning new techniques, you lovely work.

  3. Looking good, Heidi...mixing it up is lots of fun and really keeps things fresh!